Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH

Internal Advisory Committee Member
Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences II
Phone: +1 415 514-9677
Fax: +1 415 514-4365
1550 4th Street, Bldg 19B, Rm 584B
UCSF Box 2911
San Francisco, CA 94158
United States

Educational programs

UCSF centers, institutes, and research programs

Center for Genes, Environments and Health

External affiliations

Kaiser Permanente, Division of Research

What I do

I am a physician-scientist with training in pulmonary medicine, genetics, and epidemiology. My research and academic interests center on identifying disease risk factors specific to racial groups, most especially those related to asthma and drug response. I am engaged in a new, international field of study relating ancestry and genetic susceptibility to specific diseases and varying drug response.

Departmental research area

My research expertise

asthma, pharmacogenetics, admixture, population genetics, race/ethnicity and genetics, pulmonary and critical care medicine, underserved populations, minority recruitment



Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children affecting Puerto Rican and African American children more than other races/ethnicities. We study the interplay between genes and the environment to determine the root causes of asthma health disparities in children and adolescents to identify and develop targeted interventions to improve asthma outcomes. The complexities of asthma and respiratory disease require a multi-disciplinary approach. I, therefore, cultivated and maintained over 20 years a network of collaborators with expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, medicine, molecular and cell biology, and genomics to perform comprehensive research in this area. Together, we are working to ensure that modern advances in genomics will benefit all populations.

Visit my lab page to learn more: https://pharm.ucsf.edu/burchard