Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH

Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences II
Phone: +1 415 514-9677
Fax: +1 415 514-4365
1550 Fourth Street, Rm 584B
UCSF Box 2911
San Francisco, CA 94158
United States


What I do

I am a physician-scientist with training in pulmonary medicine, genetics, and epidemiology. My research and academic interests center on identifying disease risk factors specific to racial groups, most especially those related to asthma and drug response. I am engaged in a new, international field of study relating ancestry and genetic susceptibility to specific diseases and varying drug response.

Departmental research area

My research expertise

asthma, pharmacogenetics, admixture, population genetics, race/ethnicity and genetics, pulmonary and critical care medicine, underserved populations, minority recruitment

Professional background


Esteban González Burchard, M.D., M.P.H. is a UCSF Distinguished, Endowed, Tenured Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine. He is a Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician-Scientist trained in Genetics, Immunology, Epidemiology, Pharmacogenetics, and phase 1 clinical trials.

I am passionate about understanding why and how the risk of disease and drug response vary by race and genetic ancestry.

I led a diverse international cross-functional team of ~ 60 physicians, pharmacists, and scientists to elucidate this empiric clinical and biomedical question.

I spearheaded cross-sectional and longitudinal clinical studies in racially/ethnically diverse populations. This effort required establishing national and international physician-scientist networks, community, stakeholder, patient engagement, pre- and post-study launch strategies, execution, management, and analysis.

We collected clinical, social, and environmental data from more than 16,000 African American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican participants. I directed incorporating clinical and biomedical data from minority populations for large-scale data analysis, technology, and AI development. I have more than 370 peer-reviewed publications, 100% focused on minority populations, and generated over $100 million dollars to study racial, ethnic, and genetic ancestry differences in disease risk and drug response.

I provided the NIH and the global scientific community with the most racially diverse clinical and biological data from African American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican populations worldwide. Results from these data have placed us at the epicenter of the international debate on race and genetic ancestry in medicine.

I have outstanding oral and written communication skills and can effectively communicate complex and racially significant clinical and scientific concepts.

I am committed to leveraging my belief in leadership, teamwork, and resiliency to contribute to clinical and biomedical research.

This body of work epitomizes my ongoing drive to use science to improve the care of minority patients and mentorship of physicians, scientists, and students to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in science and medicine.

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Research keywords

  • immunology
  • precision medicine
  • pharmacogenetics
  • genetics
  • diversity
  • Genetic Predisposition to Disease
  • Mexican Americans
  • Adrenal Cortex Hormones
  • Puerto Rico
  • Forced Expiratory Volume
  • Immunoglobulin E
  • Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
  • Albuterol
  • Bronchodilator Agents
  • Anti-Asthmatic Agents
  • Genome-Wide Association Study
  • asthma
  • Genetics, Population
  • Minority Groups
  • Human Genome