Office of Administration

About the office

The Office of Administration oversees all Dean’s Office activities related to communications, compliance, purchasing, finance, and operations, serving the dean and the School’s three department chairs.

The office oversees School-level human resource management of the faculty and is responsible for the School’s central budget administration, resource tracking and analysis, and purchasing. It advises the dean on resource strategies, while ensuring that the School’s administrative and resource activities are conducted according to the policies and procedures of UCSF, the University of California, and other governing bodies.

Part of the Dean’s Office, it is managed by the associate dean of administration and finance, who reports to the dean.

Responsibilities include


  • Developing, maintaining, and updating the Schoolwide web presence across a multisite web platform.
  • Developing and maintaining effective web content.
  • Promoting brand messaging and identity.
  • Developing news and feature stories.
  • Promoting content via social media.
  • Developing and implementing consistent School-specific editorial style.

Compliance and purchasing

  • Promoting Schoolwide awareness of the policies and procedures of the University of California Office of the President, the UCSF Controller’s Office, and the School of Pharmacy Dean’s Office.
  • Providing guidance and training in compliance issues to School faculty and staff members.
  • Maintaining internal controls such as statistical data for audit and compliance review, space management, and equipment inventory management.
  • Providing centralized materiel management for the Dean’s Office.
  • Interpreting and implementing policy using purchasing guidelines.


  • Ensuring efficient central administration and allocation of financial resources.
  • Developing detailed budgets, tracking, and reporting on financial status.
  • Forecasting financial futures and planning for alternate financial directions as needed.
  • Communicating accurate and timely financial information at the levels of the School, the Dean’s Office, and the departments.
  • Working with other campus units to improve campus financial systems.


  • Establishing and ensuring effective and efficient administrative procedures for the Dean’s Office.
  • Providing administrative support to the vice dean, associate dean of academic affairs, and associate dean of administration.
  • Coordinating the School’s work with central campus human resources service centers, pre-award service centers.
  • Representing the School on campus committees dealing with finance, research, information technology, and space.
  • Ensuring best use, best practices, maintenance, and upgrade of administrative information technologies.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of special events and programs.
  • Supporting staff engagement.
  • Planning to meet space needs.

Expertise includes

  • All areas of finance and budgeting.
  • Applicable laws, policies, regulations.
  • Purchasing and facilities maintenance and upgrades.
  • General administration.
  • Project prioritization, coordination, planning, and analysis.
  • Executive scheduling and meeting preparation, presentation and report development, and communications.
  • Information technology management and support.
  • Constituent relations.
  • Comprehensive computer and web technology project development and management.
  • News and feature reporting, writing.
  • General editing.
  • Web editing.
  • Messaging.
  • Graphic identity.
  • Social media platform management and promotion.
  • Communications planning and protocols.
  • Communications trends/developments.

Contact us

Karen Gee
Operations Analyst
[email protected]
tel: +1 415 514-0891
fax: +1 415 476-1508

UCSF Valley Tower Box 1204
490 Illinois St Floor 3
San Francisco CA 94143

FedEx only: use zip 94158

Office members

Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

Business Operations

Budgets & Allocations Director
+1 415 867-9446
Operations Analyst
Financial Analyst
+1 415 476-1226
Finance and Budget Analyst
+1 415 514-3747


Communications Director
+1 415 514-1491
Editorial Director
+1 415 502-3955
Senior Front-end Developer

Human Resources

Staffing & Operations Director
+1 415 514-4745

Purchasing and Space

Purchasing Analyst
+1 415 476-8015