Learn How to Get Around

The big picture

UCSF has many campuses. The School of Pharmacy has activities primarily at 3 campuses: Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Laurel Heights.

Reliable, free University shuttles help you get from campus to campus easily. Our Maps page has just about every UCSF-related map available.

How to find buildings

Buildings are typically referred to by letter code (e.g., the "S" in the room called "S-1457") and also by building name (e.g., "Library 101").

How to find rooms

If you need to find, say, Room S-918, the letter code tells you that "S" stands for the Medical Sciences building. The first digit is usually (but not always) the floor number, so Room S-918 is on the 9th floor of the Medical Sciences building. When you get to the right floor, you might need to wander around or ask someone where to go; signs to help you are not always available. Note that S-1457 is a room on the 14th floor—use the first two digits instead of just one to determine the floor number. When in doubt, ask someone. More info: Classrooms Search by Room Number. Looking for Cole Hall, Toland Hall, or any conference room? See Maps.

How to find rest rooms

Campus toilets are not always easy to find. It's easiest to just ask someone.

Closest gas stations

Public transportation


San Francisco's public transit system is called MUNI, which is comprised of buses, streetcars, light rail trains, and the city's famous cable cars. MUNI buses 6 and 43 run on Parnassus. MUNI light rail line N-Judah runs on the Irving Street side of campus. See a MUNI map. You can track MUNI light rail trains at NextBus. You can buy MUNI passes and tokens online between the 10th and 22nd day of each month. You can also buy them on campus—see Where to Buy Transit Passes. Certain MUNI passes are also valid for BART trips entirely within San Francisco. How to ride.


BART is a regional transit system using electric trains. BART doesn't stop at any UCSF campuses, but you can use it in conjunction with MUNI. See a BART map. You can buy BART passes on campus—see Transit Pass Sales Locations at Parnassus and Transit Pass Sales Locations at Mission Bay.

More regional transit

If you live outside the city limits, you may need to rely on other regional transit services in addition to MUNI or BART.


UCSF maintains a fleet of shuttle buses to take UCSF students, faculty, and staff from one campus to another. There's no charge, but the driver might ask you to show your UCSF ID card. Consult the Shuttle Timetables, then wait at the designated shuttle stop.


Park bikes in designated parking areas only. For details, see Bicycle Parking. More bicycling information can be found at Bicycling, 511.org, and Google: San Francisco Bicycling. For bike routes, select the cycling icon after getting directions in Google Maps. Showers are available to members of our Fitness and Recreation Centers. More: Maps and Reference.

Cars & motorcycles

Car parking for students is extremely limited. To learn more, see Parnassus Campus Permit Parking. For questions about motorcycle parking on campus, contact Transportation Services.


San Francisco has a wide variety of services which give you access to a car or truck without needing to own one. Examples: