Office of Academic Affairs

About the office

The Office of Academic Affairs in the School of Pharmacy provides guidance and consultation to the dean, department chairs, faculty, and staff on matters concerning academic policies and procedures. The unit is led by the vice dean of academic affairs, who reports directly to the dean.

Part of the Dean’s Office, it is led by the vice dean of academic affairs, who reports to the dean.

Responsibilities include

  • Reviewing appointments for faculty and non-faculty academics.

  • Reviewing appraisal, advancement, and promotion packets.

  • Advising faculty and department leadership on issues related to recruitment, appointment, and advancement.

  • Analyzing and advising on issues related to faculty compensation, benefits, and outside professional activities.

  • Reviewing potential changes to and advising on approved changes in academic personnel policies and procedures with the dean and department chairs, including recommended courses of action.

  • Liaising with the UCSF campus Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs and representing the School of Pharmacy on academic affairs and policy issues with other UCSF administrative and governing bodies.

Contact us

[email protected]

Office members

Marco Sanchez

Robin Corelli, PharmD

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Thomas J. Long Professor of Community Pharmacy Practice

[email protected]

+1 714 731-0604


Phillip Babcock

Strategic Business Partner

[email protected]

+1 415 514-1429


Angelie Khu

Staffing and Operations Director

[email protected]

+1 415 476-8015

Francis Szoka, PhD

Director of Faculty Engagement and Awards

[email protected]

+1 415 305-1882

Links and PDF documents

Faculty Resources

School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy Advisory Group

Faculty family-friendly policies

The School of Pharmacy is committed to helping faculty balance career and family needs. Family-friendly policies and benefits, including Fact Sheets, are available from UCSF’s Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs: Family-Friendly Policies and Resources.

Outside professional activity

  • UC OATS - All outside professional activities requiring prior approval should be submitted prior to engagement via the OATS application, which can be reached via the MyAccess landing page.