Fischbach and Desai focus on “micro” solutions to improve health with drugs

Faculty members in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, UCSF Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine, share their research on the human microbiome and microfabricated drug delivery systems and their hopes for how their science will improve the health of patients. Michael Fischbach, PhD, discusses the naturally occurring, drug-producing bacteria that live on and inside people and the next steps in his research—studying whole populations of microbiome bacteria and their interactions. Tejal Desai, PhD, explains her goal of delivering drugs through the wall of the human gut using microfabricated delivery systems that stick to the gut wall and release drugs in the right combination and at the right time. See both Fischbach and Desai in videos released June 28, 2011 on YouTube.



School of Pharmacy, Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, PharmD Degree Program, QBC, CCB, PSPG, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, BMI

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