Kroetz discusses pharmacogenomics on KQED Quest radio

UCSF researcher Deanna Kroetz, PhD, discusses the impact of genetic differences on how an individual responds to drugs in a KQED Quest radio interview that aired September 14, 2009. Fellow members of the interview panel were UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, and UCSF breast cancer surgeon Laura Esserman, MD, MBA.

Pharmacogenomics is a major research focus in Kroetz's home Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, which is a joint department between the UCSF Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine. The goal is safer, more effective therapies for populations and individuals. Making the promise of pharmacogenomics a reality for patients is a major strategic goal of the UCSF School of Pharmacy.



Personalized Medicine, KQED Quest, September 14, 2009.- 5 min. 42 sec.


Pressing Ahead in New Directions, UCSF School of Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2007-2012


School of Pharmacy, Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, PharmD Degree Program, QBC, PSPG

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