Pressing Ahead in New Directions: Strategic Course 2007–2012


PDF iconPressing Ahead in New Directions: Strategic Course 2007-2012

(This plan was extended through December 2014.)

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Unleashing Our Potential: Strategic Direction 2000 Through 2005

The plan challenged the faculty to imagine “what if?” scenarios. For example:

  • What if we applied the power of computation and engineering to our drug research? We could speed the discovery and development of new medications.
  • What if we understood how proteins, which are determined by our genes, affect how we respond or fail to respond to certain drugs or whether we will experience side effects? We could use this knowledge to tailor drug treatments that fit our genetic profiles.
  • What if we developed better ways to identify how and why medication errors and adverse events occur in hospitals and in the community? We could apply this knowledge to create safer health care delivery systems.

Three overarching goals, each with specific objectives, evolved:

  1. Create a new framework for drug discovery and development
  2. Ensure more patients get the best results from their drugs
  3. Shape the future of pharmacy education, policy, education, and patient care by working in fresh and collaborative ways

The School has excelled in accomplishing its goals during this strategic plan cycle.

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