Unleashing Our Potential: Strategic Direction 2000 through 2005

UCSF School of Pharmacy decisions and activities were guided from 2000 through 2005 by its first strategic plan, which was the first campus strategic plan.


PDF iconUnleashing Our Potential: Strategic Direction 2000 Through 2005

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Current strategic plan

Leading Change: Strategic Plan 2015–2020

The plan identified the five most critical issues facing the School, posed them in the form of questions, and clearly defined benchmarks in the form of specific goals and objectives for measuring the School's progress. The answers to these questions formed the core direction for the School.

The five questions were:

  1. How will we develop and implement new, collaborative research initiatives that address emerging drug-related research questions of critical importance to the public?
  2. How will we educate tomorrow's pharmacy researchers and practitioners to be the most proficient, most marketable, and most farsighted leaders in their fields?
  3. How will we secure the space and funding required to apply fully our expertise and to create dynamic new programs in the best interest of the public?
  4. How can we build a unifying organizational culture that enhances collegiality, promotes diversity and respect, and heralds achievement at all levels?
  5. How can we more effectively extend our reach beyond academia to improve the health and well-being of the public and encourage mutually beneficial partnerships?

The plan was a flexible guide and was reviewed and refocused at regular intervals as necessary.