Strategic Plan Theme: People


4.1 Enhance faculty, trainees, and staff well-being and recognize excellence and service, while supporting work-life balance

  1. Promote and support flexibility (in-person and/or remote) tailored to our diverse work and learning environments
  2. Create infrastructure to support the recognition of individual and team achievements on a routine schedule and across platforms.
  3. Maximize the benefits of the hybrid environment and make in-person work valuable and meaningful

4.2 Recruit and retain exceptional and diverse faculty, trainees, and staff

  1. Enhance recruitment and admissions strategies to recruit diverse students into the PharmD, residency and graduate programs.
  2. In collaboration with HR, streamline and increase transparency in hiring and promotion practices.
  3. Define strategies to facilitate the success of faculty and staff to improve retention.
  4. Adopt a culture of holistic review for new hires and admissions of students and trainees.

4.3 Increase collaboration between clinical, translational, and discovery science faculty in teaching and research

  1. Working with the Vice Dean of Research, provide opportunities for faculty to learn about each other's diverse expertise and roles. Develop a campaign to expand cross-collaboration opportunities on research.
  2. Working with the Vice Deans for Education, develop infrastructure to support and encourage teaching across disciplines and development of interdisciplinary electives.

4.4 Increase alumni involvement in the life of the School

  1. Craft an agenda of alumni-school activities for the year to support engagement, DEI, fundraising and volunteerism. Alumni include PharmDs, graduate students, residents, and postdoctoral scholars.
  2. Increase alumni involvement in teaching and mentoring opportunities for our learners.
  3. Recognize and support the success and achievements of our alumni.

4.5 Provide faculty, staff, and trainees mentoring and professional development

  1. Create explicit policies that support active participation of faculty, staff, and learners in professional development activities, including continuing education, networking, conference attendance, and professional skill-building.
  2. Leverage professional and personal trainings available through the university to increase interaction between faculty, staff, and trainees.


For feedback, updates, and other questions about this theme and its goals, contact Executive Vice Dean Sharon L. Youmans, PharmD, MPH or Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Chair Michelle Arkin, PhD.