Strategic Plan Theme: Strategic Support


6.1 Expand and diversify our sources of revenue and other support for faculty and learners

  1. Foster entrepreneurship and innovation in our faculty and learners, by encouraging and recognizing founders, providing training on company creation and conflict of commitment, and guidance navigating campus rules and resources.
  2. Broaden funding and donor base by expanding philanthropic partnerships and by making a strong value proposition for Pharma and Bio-tech collaboration, access to venture capital, and industry contracts.

6.2 Support the Strategic Plan with necessary infrastructure

  1. Implement system of accountability through on-going communications to School stakeholders about the Strategic Plan; monitoring, tracking, and checking progress; and adjusting action plans

6.3 Enable School success by addressing internal barriers that hamper faculty and staff productivity

  1. Identify top barriers common across faculty in areas such as IT, HR, Contracts and Grants, through a needs assessment process then develop plans to overcome those barriers

6.4 Enhance the School’s reputation, visibility, and audience engagement through strategic communications, both externally and internally

  1. Attract top talent (including faculty, PharmD and graduate students, Post-docs, and staff) by communicating the School’s successes and promoting our peoples’ accomplishments (including alumni) regionally, nationally, and globally
  2. Show the School’s direction by prioritizing communications that highlight our mission, vision, and strategic priorities—using evolving messaging that reinforces "who we are"


For feedback, updates, and other questions about this theme and its goals, contact Vice Dean and Chief of Staff Lawrence Lin, PhD or Vice Dean of Administration and Finance Alesia Woods.