Strategic Plan Theme: Patient Care


3.1 Pharmacists take ownership of medication management with emphasis on vulnerable, high-risk patients to optimize health outcomes.

  1. Improve health outcomes through the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative practice models in diverse and novel settings.
  2. Identify and address barriers to equitable access to healthcare and medications.
  3. Advance pharmacy practice policy including, but not limited to, independent prescriptive authority and payment for services.

3.2 Translate health data to design precise, safe, and cost-effective medication therapies for individual patients and populations.

  1. Foster the bi-directional learning relationship between the basic sciences and clinical sciences.
  2. Evaluate impact of health data on clinical decision making and cost of care delivery.
  3. Develop partnerships to advance health data utilization to improve medication use and safety


For feedback, updates, and other questions about this theme and its goals, contact Co-Vice Dean of Clinical Innovation and Entre­preneur­ship Katherine Yang, PharmD, MPH or Clinical Pharmacy Department Chair Lisa Kroon, PharmD.