Annual teaching awards for 2021-2022

Every year, each doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) class bestows the following teaching awards on their instructors and their preceptors.

Teachers of the Year

Igor Mitrovic, PhD
UCSF Department of Physiology
Class of 2023 Teacher of the Year

Jaekyu Shin, PharmD, MS
UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Class of 2024 Teacher of the Year

Preceptors of the Year, IPPEs

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

Liseli Mulala, PhD, MPH
Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
Class of 2023 Health Systems Pharmacy Longitudinal IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Quynh Daniels, PharmD
Class of 2024 Community Pharmacy IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Anisa Abu-Ramaileh, PharmD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Class of 2024 Summer Concentrated Health Systems Pharmacy IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Long Teaching Awards for Outstanding Preceptors, APPEs

Class of 2022 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) Site Preceptors of the Year

The Long Teaching Award is given to preceptors whom students select as outstanding clinical educators. These preceptors are recognized for applying knowledge of the basic health sciences to patient care, ensuring educational opportunities for students, and delivering the highest quality care for patients.

Francisco Ibarra, PharmD
Community Regional Medical Center

Janeane Giannini, PharmD
UC Davis Midtown Primary Care Clinic

Michelle Nguyen, PharmD
UC Irvine Health

Shedrick Martin, PharmD
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

Hai-Au Luu, PharmD
San Francisco General Hospital

Experiential Education Sites of the Year, APPEs

Each of the five UCSF School of Pharmacy Experiential Education regions has one site recognized as providing exceptional learning environments for UCSF pharmacy students.

Kaweah Health

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco Bay Area

UCLA – Santa Monica Medical Center
Los Angeles / Orange County

Sebastopol Family Pharmacy and West County Health Center
North Bay

One Community Health Pharmacy
Greater Sacramento

Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards

The Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards are given to faculty and student instructors who received outstanding scores on student evaluations.

Apples for Preceptors Awards

Classes of 2023 and 2024 IPPEs

The following individuals were selected to receive Apples for Preceptors recognition by members of the Classes of 2023 and 2024.

  • Lori Reisner
  • Kallie Amer
  • Tran Luu
  • Chelane Au
  • Ngoc Ngo
  • Amy Liu
  • Hiu Ting
  • Alan Wong
  • Zlatan Coralic
  • Paul Takamoto
  • Wallace Tan
  • Sherif Fanous
  • Liz Tien
  • Vicki Jue
  • Michael Trillanes
  • Yin Htaik
  • Derrick Chan
  • Huy Nguyen
  • Te-Yun Tsao
  • Manuel Brado
  • Kevin Li
  • Joe Liu
  • Amanda Roy
  • Melissa Nguyen
  • Justin Quintal

Class of 2022 APPEs

The following individuals were selected to receive Apples for Preceptors recognition by members of the Class of 2022.

San Francisco Bay Area Preceptors

  • Lawrence Dang
  • Elizabeth Tien
  • Allen Tran
  • Tamara Lenhoff
  • Paul Librodo
  • Katherine Baggett
  • Wendy Tin
  • Julie Ma
  • Kelly Yip
  • Marnie Noel
  • Wallace Tan
  • Janet Grochowski
  • Matias Campos
  • Priya Bhimani
  • Ripal Jariwala
  • Michelle Geier
  • Jaekyu Shin
  • Tran Nguyen

North Bay Preceptors

  • Michael Majeski
  • Steven Saelee
  • Kalee Chau
  • Carmen Dett
  • Omi Patel
  • Freda O'Brien
  • Joseph Styers
  • Nicole Henney
  • Neeta Bhasin
  • Taryn Altman

Greater Sacramento Preceptors

  • Monica Awad
  • YeeAnn Chen
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Heather Schumann
  • Jerry (Yaxun) Jing
  • Jeremiah J. Duby
  • Svetlana Goldman
  • Brooke Vonada
  • Stefanie Le
  • Rachelle Firestone
  • Robyn Stoianovici
  • Yvette Hellier
  • Nicola Clayton
  • Kathie Tran
  • Rebecca Hluhanich

Fresno Preceptors

  • Cynthia Valle-Oseguera
  • Jennifer Siilata
  • Nader Nassar
  • Elle Kim
  • Christopher Hajou
  • Sarah Walden
  • Jon Malepsy
  • Marisa Mendez
  • Kathryn Smith
  • Peter Ta
  • Eva Coulson

Los Angeles / Orange County Preceptors

  • Alan Doan
  • Matthew Davis
  • Amy Lin
  • Adonia Eskandari
  • Brandan Lombardo
  • Lauren Alfano
  • Connie Abdo
  • Daniel Farney
  • Nicole Kashfian
  • Ryan Morgan
  • Gregory Marks
  • Lee Lam


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