Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards for spring 2022

Instructors in the UCSF School of Pharmacy have shown remarkable commitment, creativity, and adaptability to training the next generation of doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates.

We are proud to announce the Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards for the spring 2022 academic quarter, given to faculty and student instructors who earned an average of 4.5 out of 5 or higher from student evaluations.

  • Mina Azimi
  • Kirsten Balano
  • Edward Blonz
  • Matthew Bryant
  • Christopher Burrell
  • Mari A. Cayabyab
  • Stephen Chang
  • Aileen Chi
  • Llyke Ching
  • Arianna Choi
  • Sarah Chong
  • Nancy Chukwumezie
  • Valerie Clinard
  • Jennifer Cocohoba
  • John Dawod
  • Tina Denetclaw
  • Cathi Dennehy
  • Alexandra J. Diiorio
  • Rachael Gordon
  • Jenny He
  • Nancy Hessol
  • Calvin Hwang
  • Ramy Khem
  • Annie Kim
  • Caroline Ko
  • Deanna Kroetz
  • Marieke Kruidering
  • Robyn Kurland
  • Pablo Lapetina
  • Jose Lazo
  • Mai Le
  • Allison Lee
  • Andrew Leeds
  • Fanny Li
  • Janice Ly
  • Conan MacDougall
  • Susan Miller
  • Igor Mitrovic
  • Kathryn Musumeci
  • Neda Noori Nassr
  • Madeleine Norris
  • Anna Seto
  • Jaekyu Shin
  • Tristan Storm
  • Bani Tamraz
  • Judie Tran
  • Sam H. Trinh
  • Rupa Tuan
  • Cynthia Valle-Oseguera
  • Dexter Wimer
  • Rachel Winner
  • Heather Wittkorn
  • Evan Wright
  • Sook Wah Yee
  • Crystal Zhou
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