Annual Teaching Awards for 2020-2021

PharmD students select Teachers of the Year, Experiential Education Preceptors of the Year, and Apple Teaching awards


Stephanie Hsia, PharmD, Class of 2022 Teacher of the Year

Every year, each doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) class bestows the following teaching awards on their instructors and their preceptors.

Teachers of the Year

Stephanie Hsia, PharmD
UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Class of 2022 Teacher of the Year

Madeline Norris, PhD
UCSF Department of Anatomy
Class of 2023 Teacher of the Year

Preceptors of the Year, IPPEs

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)

Nicola Clayton, PharmD
UC Davis Medical Center
Class of 2023 Summer Health Systems Pharmacy IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Vicki Jue, PharmD
UCSF Medical Center
Class of 2022 Health Systems Pharmacy Longitudinal IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Jenny Ng
Class of 2023 Community Pharmacy IPPE Preceptor of the Year

Long Teaching Awards for Outstanding Preceptors, APPEs

Class of 2021 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) Site Preceptors of the Year

The Long Teaching Award is given to preceptors whom students select as outstanding clinical educators. These preceptors are recognized for applying knowledge of the basic health sciences to patient care, ensuring educational opportunities for students, and delivering the highest quality care for patients.

Neeta Bhasin, PharmD
NorthBay Healthcare, North Bay

John Chang, MD
Veterans Affairs Central California Health Care System, Fresno

Chi-Leung Lai, PharmD
California Poison Control System, Greater Sacramento

Uerica Wang, PharmD
Stanford Hospital and Clinics San Francisco Bay Area

Jesse Wisniewski, PharmD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles / Orange County

Experiential Education Sites of the Year, APPEs

Each of the five UCSF School of Pharmacy Experiential Education regions has one site recognized as providing exceptional learning environments for UCSF pharmacy students.

Kaweah Delta Health Care District

Marina Safeway Pharmacy
San Francisco Bay Area

Orange Coast Medical Center
Los Angeles / Orange County

Sebastopol Family Pharmacy
North Bay

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
Greater Sacramento

Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards

The Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards are given to faculty and student instructors who received outstanding scores on student evaluations.

Apples for Preceptors Awards

Classes of 2022 and 2023 IPPEs

The following individuals were selected to receive Apples for Preceptors recognition by members of the Classes of 2022 and 2023.

  • Joel Alegria
  • Aileen Auyeung
  • Priya Bhimani
  • Son Ho
  • Vicki Jue
  • Thomas Leung
  • Kevin Li
  • Morgan Mason
  • Christopher Ong
  • Jonathan Nguyen
  • Johnny Rau

Class of 2021 APPEs

The following individuals were selected to receive Apples for Preceptors recognition by members of the Class of 2021.

San Francisco Bay Area Preceptors

  • Alexandra Hilts-Horeczko
  • Ally Thrall
  • Alysha Fahmi
  • Ashley Thompson
  • Beth Keeney
  • Calvin Huynh
  • Chris Nguyen
  • Danny Situ
  • Erika Gray
  • Hai-Luu
  • Janet Grochowski
  • Janet Huang
  • Jonathan Wong
  • Justin Sterling
  • Lena Truong
  • Lexy Moss
  • Liseli Mulala
  • Marilyn Stebbins
  • Matias Campos
  • Michelle Geier
  • Nancy Hung
  • Neda Noori Nassr
  • Nicole Nguyen
  • Paul Librodo
  • Rachel Campbell
  • Ripal Jariwala
  • Rose Pavlakos
  • Shubha Kamath
  • Sue Lee
  • Suzannah Patterson

North Bay Preceptors

  • Aman Garg
  • Daniel Ford
  • Franco Franca
  • Jason Kurian
  • Katherine Duncan
  • Leigh Ann Witherspoon
  • Mandana Maleki
  • Manraj Sidhu
  • Maria Arella
  • Michael Majeski
  • Omi Patel
  • Shedrick Martin
  • Vic Patel
  • Vicky Bayrasy

Greater Sacramento Preceptors

  • Aaron “Josh” Roberts
  • Amy Crandall
  • Andrea Brizee
  • Wong Annie Cabri
  • David Dakwa
  • Gregory Ono
  • Heather Schumann
  • James Go
  • Jennifer Curello
  • Justin Lewis
  • Rebecca Hluhanich
  • Stephanie Roberts
  • Tara Tsukamoto
  • Teresa Kwong-Wakumoto
  • Tiffany Pon
  • Trinh Huynh
  • Trisha Rick
  • William Dager

Fresno Preceptors

  • Andrea Lewandowski
  • Christopher Hajou
  • Coleen Moriarity-Suggs
  • David Crowther
  • Francisco Ibarra
  • Jennifer Siilata
  • Jon Malepsy
  • Joshua Blomgren
  • Joshua Misi
  • Kailee Shearer
  • Karly Erickson
  • Kirk Sakamoto
  • Kristine Lowe
  • Laurie Covarrubias
  • Melissa Reger
  • Nicole Gann
  • Sarah Walden
  • Savannah Frady Lail

Los Angeles / Orange County Preceptors

  • Brandan Lombardo
  • Christine Jung
  • Christine Pham
  • Cindy Wu
  • Dennis Ankrah
  • Eunah Cho
  • Frank Bertone
  • Gloria Cheng
  • Helen Lee
  • Lee Lam
  • Luke Tso
  • Lyn Clarito
  • Mark Baje
  • Matthew Davis
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • Nicola Cooper
  • Okkyung Suh
  • Roger Lee
  • Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio
  • Ryan Ristau
  • Shi-Hui Pan
  • Shikha Parikh
  • Steven Atallah
  • Thien-Thanh Nguyen
  • Tiffany Phung


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