Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards for winter 2021

Faculty and student instructors in the UCSF School of Pharmacy have shown remarkable adaptability, creativity, and commitment to training the next generation of doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates. During an ongoing pandemic, instruction within the PharmD program continued uninterrupted, with students continuing to perform at the highest level thanks to these educators.

We are proud to announce the Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards for the winter 2021 academic quarter, given to instructors who earned an average of 4.5 out of 5 or higher from student evaluations.

Dorie Apollonio Mikael R. Habtezion Duyen-Anh (Anne) Pham
Francesca Aweeka Adam Hamad Neala S. Rafijah
Sara Ayazi Derek Harmon Sanam Rashidi
Camille Beauduy Charles Hart Carolyn Rath
Neal Benowitz Nancy Hessol Julia Reed
Ellen Berkley Matthew Jacobson Jon Rey
Allison Bond Elizabeth Joyce Amanda Roy
Bryn Boslett Emily Kaip Carolina V. Ryklansky
Sharya Bourdet Annie Kim Ian B. Seiple
Carol Ann Bowden Yoona A. Kim Manuel Seraydarian
Jordan Brooks Lily Kornbluth Neil J. Shieh
Mari A. Cayabyab Lisa Kroon Jaekyu Shin
James Chan Marieke Kruidering Karen Shin
Aileen Chi Pablo Lapetina Brian Shoichet
Mackenzie Clark Thu Le David Smith
Valerie Clinard Angela Lee Marilyn Stebbins
Jennifer Cocohoba Jimin Lee Matthew Sugidono
Robin Corelli Andrew Leeds Andrew Tam
Anna Correa Thomas H. Leung Lauren Temme
Amelia Deitchman Justin Lewis Wendy Tin
Andrew DeLaunay Sophia Liao Michael Tozzi
Taylor Devens Sara Librodo Trang Trinh
Annemarie Donjacour William Lindstaedt Candy Tsourounis
Gabrielle Driller Mimi Lo Cynthia Valle-Oseguera
Jacqueline El-Sokkary Janel Long-Boyle Parisa Vatanka
Bonnie Fabian Conan MacDougall Judy Victoria A. Viduya
John Fahy Kathryn Meier Erika Wallender
Patrick Finley Susan Miller Joanne Whitney
John Flaherty Igor Mitrovic Leslie Wilson
Leslie Floren Timothy Mok Beth Winger
Kinyee Fong Mandy Brown Heather Wittkorn
Ivy Ge Kathryn Musumeci Wilma Wong
Katayoon Ghomeshi Neda Noori Nassr Lily Yan
Lisa Ghotbi Austin-Phong Nguyen Katherine Yang
Tiffany K. Glocke Jonathan Q. Nguyen Helen Yee
Larissa Graff Tony Nguyen Katherine Yep
Katherine Gruenberg Tran Nguyen Jina Yun
Cristina Gruta Madeleine Norris Evan J. Zasowski
Tiffany Guan Linda Panofsky Crystal Zhou


School of Pharmacy, PharmD Degree Program

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