Theme 4: People

Theme 4 in Leading Change: Strategic Plan 2015–2020 is:

People: supporting our agents of change—our faculty, staff, and alumni


  1. Recruit faculty in support of the School’s strategic plan

  2. Retain exceptional, engaged faculty and staff members

  3. Increase alumni involvement in the life of the School

  4. Advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion across the School

Changes to theme in 2017

Goal 1: Recruit faculty in support of the School’s strategic plan


Strengthen and expand the faculty expertise required to meet our strategic plan goals … by recruiting faculty members who are leaders in the areas of mass spectrometry, chemical biology, enabling technologies, bioengineering (medical devices and/or drug delivery), systems pharmacology, health outcomes research (pharmacoeconomics, medication outcomes, formulary management), health services expertise (innovative practice modeling), and medication therapy management (specialty pharmacy).

Drivers: Tejal Desai, PhD; Lisa Kroon, PharmD; Matthew Jacobson, PhD

With: B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD

Progress to 2017

Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences:

We are initiating a search in bioengineering late fall 2016 or early spring 2017 likely focusing on neural engineering/devices/therapeutic bioengineering. We are also partnering with the Gladstone Institutes in their enabling technologies search.

Department of Clinical Pharmacy:

We have five faculty recruitments planned:

  1. One Bay Area experiential director who will report to the Valerie Clinard, PharmD, the director of experiential education

  2. Two faculty positions in the Medications Outcome Center (MOC): pharmacoeconomics/outcomes research

  3. Two faculty positions for the San Francisco area to be pharmacists with expertise in comprehensive medication management; no particular clinical area. We have changed the term “medication therapy management” to “comprehensive medication management” which is now the term used.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

We recruited several outstanding new faculty members: Ian Seiple, PhD (junior faculty member, chemical synthesis of natural product drugs); Stephen Altschuler, PhD, and Lani Wu, PhD (senior faculty members, systems pharmacology); and Michael Keiser, PhD (junior faculty member, chemoinformatics and systems pharmacology).


Advocate for additional faculty housing assistance and child care important for recruitment … by uniting the efforts of all four schools and the Graduate Division to make this a budgetary and operational goal.

Drivers: B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD; Michael Nordberg, MPA/HSA

With: Dean’s Leadership Group

Progress to 2017

Faculty housing assistance has been increased with a new Mortgage Origination Program loan level of $1.5M for appointments effective September 1, 2016. Temporary housing for new faculty members is available both at the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses. Child care capacity at Mission Bay is being expanded from 85 to 272 children.

Goal 2: Retain exceptional, engaged faculty and staff members


Create an exceptional faculty orientation … by working with UCSF Human Resources and the School’s three departments to apply contemporary management principles to this process.

Drivers: B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD; Michael Nordberg, MPA/HSA

With: Department managers, Human Resources Department

Progress to 2017

The Dean’s Office has hosted an orientation workshop for new faculty with an overview of academic advancement, compensation plan, curricular participation, and external communication. This is coupled with ongoing one-on-one mentoring with the associate dean of academic affairs on academic advancement and the compensation plan, encouragement of participation in campus-level programs via the Campus Council on Faculty Life, and provision of materials and guides on the compensation plan posted on the School of Pharmacy Office of Academic Affairs website.


Ensure that volunteer faculty preceptors of advanced pharmacy practice experiences are in agreement with the goals of the new PharmD curriculum … by implementing a revised preceptor training program.

Driver: Advanced pharmacy practice program directors for San Francisco, Sacramento/Davis, Los Angeles/Orange County, North Bay, South Bay; Valerie Clinard, PharmD

With: Education Policy Committee

Progress to 2017

Director of Experiential Education Valerie Clinard, PharmD, has established an Experiential Education Advisory Council. This group includes external preceptor stakeholders from around the state. She also has implemented monthly experiential program director meetings to discuss current issues. Our current stakeholders also serve on the Student and Stakeholder Advisory Council, providing ongoing feedback on the new curriculum, both didactic and experiential. Main training topic areas include changes in our assessments and the School’s Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience readiness program.


Support staff development at the local level … by making annual professional development integral to the performance evaluation process.

Driver: Michael Nordberg, MPA/HSA

With: Department and unit managers

Progress to 2017

There is now a requirement for all staff members have annual performance evaluations. We also focused on improving compliance with supervisors completing evaluations. We went from 35% to 95% compliance during this progress report period.


Make leadership development programs available to faculty and staff members with leadership potential and interest … by identifying appropriate programs and funding.

Driver: Michael Nordberg, MPA/HSA

With: Tejal Desai, PhD; B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD; Lisa Kroon, PharmD; Matthew Jacobson, PhD

Progress to 2017

The Dean’s Office has provided matching funding for leadership development for department chairs and their Chair Councils. Staff members who have demonstrated leader potential are now offered participation in the Leading the Front Line leadership program.


Engage staff at the School level … by holding regular dean’s town hall staff meetings.

Drivers: B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD

With: Michael Nordberg, MPA/HSA

Progress to 2017

After the previous Gallup survey, the dean began holding quarterly Town Halls focused around staff issues.


Share the expertise of the faculty directly with the staff … by offering every staff member and/or member of his/her family a confidential MedList consultation.

Driver: Marilyn Stebbins, PharmD

With: Department of Clinical Pharmacy faculty

Progress to 2017

The UCSF MedList Clinic no longer in exists.

Goal 3: Increase alumni involvement in the life of the School


Personally connect our alumni with the everyday work of the School … by working with the Pharmacy Alumni Association to identify and pilot best approaches.

Driver: B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD; president of the Pharmacy Alumni Association Board of Governors

With: Pharmacy Alumni Association Board of Governors, UCSF Alumni Relations team

Progress to 2017

Since fall 2015, the dean and the president of the Pharmacy Alumni Association Board of Governors, in partnership with Associate Dean Donald Kishi, PharmD, and staff from the Office of Student and Curricular Affairs have been working together to survey a variety of stakeholders to assess the feasibility of an internal LinkedIn-style database to assist alumni and students with forming mentoring relationships. The program, known as the Pharmacy Alumni Link, began a soft-launch phase in fall 2016. This project has also inspired the UCSF Office of Career Services to consider launching a similar program that would be open to all UCSF alumni and current students.


Sharpen outreach to alumni … by alumni engagement in new activities, such as regional events, and increasing engagement in existing events, such as Alumni Weekend.

Drivers: UCSF Alumni Relations team

Progress to 2017

At Alumni Weekend 2015 and 2016, the Dean’s Office partnered with the Office of Alumni Relations to develop and present two distinct and substantive “Pharmacy Afternoon Programs.” Each program drew nearly 100 alumni who learned from the dean and other School leaders about emerging trends in teaching and research. The program also recognized important institutional milestones, including the 50th anniversary of the Ninth Floor Project and its influence on today’s pharmacy education model.

Goal 4: Advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion across the School


Strengthen the diversity of our student body … by continuing our holistic PharmD admissions process, which considers all of an applicant’s background and experiences.

Drivers: Sharon Youmans, PharmD, MPH

With: Admissions Committee

Progress to 2017

We are continuing to refine our holistic admissions practices. Our post-baccalaureate program is growing and continues to be a successful pipeline of underrepresented students and disadvantaged students for our PharmD degree program. A cohort of eight post-baccalaureate students entered the program in August 2016, twice the average of entrants in previous years.


Ensure equitable pay among faculty members … by conducting an annual faculty equity analysis and adjusting any inequities as needed.

Drivers: Thomas Kearney, PharmD, DABT

With: Tejal Desai, PhD; B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD; Lisa Kroon, PharmD; Matthew Jacobson, PhD

Progress to 2017

An annual schoolwide faculty salary equity analysis has been performed over the past two years with department-level input, review, and recommendations by faculty members, and approval at the campus level. The analysis concluded that all gender imbalances were explainable by non-discriminatory legitimate business practices.


Champion inclusion … by participating in campus initiatives that increase awareness of unconscious biases and build a welcoming and supportive workplace environment.

Driver: Sharon Youmans, PharmD, MPH

With: Renee Navarro, PharmD, MD; Office of Diversity and Outreach

Progress to 2017

Our efforts continue with Renee Navarro, PharmD, MD, and the Office of Diversity and Outreach. We continue to provide unconscious bias training in the curriculum.

Changes to theme in 2017

Reassigned objectives to new drivers in light of appointments, hires, departures.

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