Theme 5: Framework for Success

Theme 5 in Leading Change: Strategic Plan 2015–2022 is:

Framework for success—ensuring the School has the framework needed to excel


  1. Expand and diversify our revenues

  2. Provide the infrastructure needed for the School to implement its plans

  3. Strengthen faculty connections, leadership, and visibility nationally

  4. Increase the School’s visibility

Progress to 2021, Changes to theme in 2021

Progress to 2021

The first two goals, to expand and diversify our revenues (5.1) and provide necessary infrastructure (5.2), have been partially addressed.

Restating the success of the School with respect to extramural funding ($80 million the past year according to AACP), success with these grants has been mission critical. This current level of extramural funding represents a 30% increase over the time period immediately prior to the implementation of this Strategic Plan. While there was a temporary shortfall of revenue from the state due to the School’s decision to intentionally admit 30 fewer students in the first cohort of the new PharmD curriculum, the new steady state numbers of students (127 students per class) will strengthen our financial picture.

Other infrastructure achievements include the hiring of contract staff by the Office of Education and Instructional Services to facilitate the concomitant delivery of two curricula during the transition from the previous, 4-year pathways curriculum to the new, 3-year transformed curriculum; the recruitment of an Associate Dean of Experiential Education; and the previously mentioned hiring of an Assessment Manager. As stated previously, the entire SOP Leadership has been refreshed over the course of the Strategic Plan.

The goal of strengthening faculty connection, leadership, and visibility (5.3) is evidenced by numerous awards, top-tiered publications, and service to national organizations and governmental agencies. Lastly, efforts to increase the School’s visibility (5.4) are best evidenced through the development of the School of Pharmacy Positioning and Messaging Guide. This guide reinforces the uniqueness of the School among all others with respect to its science and scientific way of thinking.

Goal 1: Expand and diversify our revenues


Establish strong, sustained financial support for the nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, small molecule discovery, and antibiome enabling technology centers … by developing and implementing strategic grant, business, and marketing plans for their utilization and development.


Expand other existing service lines to increase external customers … by developing clear, measureable business and marketing plans.


Develop new business models for service to external customers … by identifying potential services and products.


Increase total giving to the School … by focusing our philanthropic work in the support of strategic goals and objectives.

Goal 2: Provide the infrastructure needed for the School to implement its plans


Upgrade the School’s information technology framework to meet strategic plan needs … by collaborating with central campus information technology leaders.

Goal 3: Strengthen faculty connections, leadership, and visibility nationally


Increase the number of prestigious national and international faculty honors … by developing and implementing departmental nomination processes.


Increase faculty service on prestigious national and international committees … by developing and implementing department strategies.

Goal 4: Increase the School’s visibility


Represent the breadth of the School’s work online … by creating and launching a technically and editorially complete and integrated web presence for the School and updating it continually.


Enable website owners Schoolwide to keep current web content updated and to add new content, including local news, events, and faculty profiles … by developing and offering self-publishing technical and editorial training programs.


Support the highest-level communications needs of the School’s 2015–2022 strategic plan … by developing and implementing a new five-year communications roadmap.

Changes to theme in 2021

  1. Added summary School progress to 2021 for this theme

  2. Archived driver and collaborator assignments from objectives

  3. Archived 2017 progress updates from objectives

  4. Updated plan title to reflect extension to 2022

See 2017/2015 version

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