Aashish Manglik, MD, PhD

Phone: +1 415 502-3744
513 Parnassus Avenue, MSB, Rm 410E
UCSF Box 2550
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States

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What I do

I am a physician-scientist interested in understanding how the human body senses and responds to external stimuli. My research focuses on the largest group of drug targets in the human body, the G protein coupled receptors. We aim to understand the most basic principles of these receptors in order to develop new medications that are both more effective and have decreased side effects.

My research expertise

G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), structural biology, signaling, protein dynamics


MD, Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, 2016
PhD, Biophysics, Stanford University, 2014
BA, Chemistry and Biology, Washington University, 2008


Our laboratory seeks to understand how cells sense and respond to their external environment. In this endeavor, we study the numerous proteins that lie at the cellular surface that enable individual cells to decipher the enormous number of stimuli that coordinate normal physiology. To gain a fundamental understanding of such transmembrane signaling processes, we use a diverse array of techniques spanning biochemical and biophysical interrogation to protein engineering. Our ultimate goal is to use these insights to discover new approaches to precisely control cellular signaling.