School of Pharmacy faculty recognized among Highly Cited Researchers

Recognizing UCSF’s research excellence, several faculty members from the School have been included in the Clarivate 2023 list of Highly Cited Researchers, recognizing the significant impact of their scholarly contributions.

Researchers were chosen by their authorship of multiple Highly Cited Papers—those that ranked in the top 1 percent of citations within their fields and publication year in the Web of Science over the past decade. The list includes the following outstanding researchers, who continue to drive innovation and advance knowledge in their areas of expertise:

  • Nevan Krogan, PhD, director of the School’s Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI), renowned for his work in systems pharmacology.
  • Brian Shoichet, PhD, co-vice dean of graduate pharmacy education programs, for the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and a leader in computational drug discovery.
  • Aashish Manglik, MD, PhD, a faculty member in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and an expert in molecular pharmacology.
  • Kathy Giacomini, PhD, BSPharm, a leader in pharmacogenomics, drug development, and regulatory sciences and the School’s dean.

Of all the world’s scientists and social scientists, Highly Cited Researchers are 1 in 1,000. This recognition reflects not only the individual brilliance of these researchers but also the collaborative and innovative environment fostered at the School, underscoring a commitment to fostering groundbreaking research that addresses critical issues in health care and pharmaceutical sciences.


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