Wed Jan 20, 2021
Advance opens up new possibilities for CAR T-cell therapy to treat a variety of cancers
Tue Jan 12, 2021
The School’s recent PharmD graduates were honored with a virtual commencement ceremony.
Thu Dec 17, 2020
UCSF experts address the safety of the new COVID-19 vaccines
Thu Nov 19, 2020
The School continues its vital work in research, education, and patient care.
Wed Nov 18, 2020
Arkin’s appointment to bolster collaborations between academia and industry for drug discovery.
Tue Nov 17, 2020
Kroetz honored for long career in pharmacogenomics
Fri Nov 13, 2020
Team efforts at the School and beyond produce two potential treatments for COVID-19.
Mon Oct 26, 2020
“Molecular building blocks” give antibiotics an edge over drug-resistant bacteria.
Fri Oct 23, 2020
“This is looking across coronaviruses and finding the commonalities so we’re in a better position to attack SARS3 when it comes,” said Nevan Krogan, the director of QBI.