Wed May 12, 2021
Research on Neanderthal DNA reveals new details about our evolutionary cousins
Wed Apr 28, 2021
The Wells Lab developed an efficient test for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
Mon Apr 26, 2021
Faculty members in the School organized a free immunization training for California pharmacists.
Wed Apr 14, 2021
A task force brainstorms new ways to make the PharmD curriculum anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive
Fri Apr 2, 2021
The Mary Anne Koda-Kimble Seed Award for Innovation will fuel eight bold research projects across the School this year
Thu Mar 11, 2021
All the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations, a careful return to in-person education, science, and more.
Wed Mar 10, 2021
Burchard and Oni-Orisan contribute to two opinion pieces grappling with issues of race and inequity in medicine
Mon Mar 8, 2021
Collaborative effort ensures precision medicine will be based on the genetics of a diverse pool of people
Fri Mar 5, 2021
The School community celebrated the establishment of the Bob Day Student Center and the Bob Day Student Support Fund.