Danica Fujimori Receives Bowes Biomedical Investigator Award

Danica Galonić Fujimori, PhD, has been named this year’s Bowes Biomedical Investigator. Fujimori’s research focuses on enzymes, molecular machinery that speeds chemical reactions. Her research delves into how enzymes operate in cancer and in antibiotic resistance. She will receive $1.25 million in funding over the next five years.

“Enzymes give us a treasure trove of amazing chemistry that is very difficult to execute,” Fujimori told UCSF news. “My lab investigates this chemistry: How is it possible? How does it work? And most importantly, how can we use it to our advantage in order to stop disease?”

Fujimori, a faculty member with joint appointments in the Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, is also a member of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute's Coronavirus Research Group (QCRG), which is seeking new treatments for COVID-19.

The late William K. Bowes, Jr., a venture capitalist and longtime UCSF supporter, created the Bowes Biomedical Investigator Program in 2016 with a $50 million endowment to foster high-risk, high-reward research. The program supports early- and mid-career scientists who take unconventional and transdisciplinary approaches that have the potential for significant impact.


Danica Fujimori Receives $1.25M Bowes Biomedical Investigator Award (UCSF News)


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