Celebrating Hubert Sylvester

35 Years with UCSF

The Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences (BTS) is celebrating Hubert Sylvester on the occasion of his 35th employment anniversary at UCSF.

Before joining the staff at UCSF, Sylvester was attending college. Over the course of his UCSF career, he has served as a clerk, an assistant store keeper, a member of the purchasing staff, and now as a purchasing analyst.

BTS department manager Bill Neely said, “Hubert is more than merely the face of BTS purchasing—he is BTS purchasing. He is the epitome of ‘commitment to seeing a job done well.’ Hubert takes personal responsibility to ensure that our labs get the support needed for their purchasing needs. I have the good fortune to sit near Hubert and, as a result, I receive almost daily reminders of what first-rate support is all about, and daily reminders of just how important he is to the department. And, most importantly, how lucky the department is to have him as part of our team.”

Sylvester said that, in his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycles through the hill country and mountain trails here in California, in Hawaii, and the Philippines. He is also an accomplished gardener and is proud of his top-grade tomatoes.

Sylvester mentioned that these past 35 years have just flown by.

When asked about his next challenge, Sylvester said, “Retirement!” That day will certainly come too soon for his friends and colleagues in BTS.

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