Lila Neahring announced as a winner of the Weintraub Award

Lila Neahring, a PhD student from Sophie Dumont’s lab, has been announced as one of the winners of the 2023 Weintraub Graduate Student Award!

The award is named after Dr. Harold “Hal” Weintraub, a molecular biologist who helped found the Basic Sciences Division at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center and died of brain cancer in 1995 at age 49. It honors Weintraub’s scientific leadership and his legacy as an extraordinary mentor, colleague, collaborator and friend. Every year, a committee selects up to twelve awardees from the nominations on the basis of quality, originality, and scientific significance, as well as to represent a diverse range of research topics.

Awardees will participate in a scientific symposium honoring Weintraub and his commitment to innovative science. The award symposium will take place May 5, 2023, at Fred Hutch’s Robert W. Day Campus, consisting of scientific presentations by the graduate student awardees and informal gatherings of students and faculty.

Lila is a student in the Developmental & Stem Biology graduate program, and she will be graduating this spring. Lila’s research focuses on mechanical forces within the mitotic spindle, and her graduate work identified new fail-safe mechanisms that help ensure accurate chromosome segregation during cell division.

“It’s a great honor to receive the Weintraub Award,” Lila said, “and I’m especially grateful to Sophie for her incredible mentorship. I also want to thank the Dumont lab, BTS department, and DSCB program for making UCSF such an inspiring place to be a graduate student.”

Join us in congratulating Lila for this wonderful achievement!


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