Brock becomes president of pharmacy leadership society

UCSF School of Pharmacy Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning Tina Brock, BSPharm, MSPH, EdD, became president of the national pharmacy leadership society, Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS), at the March 2012 meeting of the American Pharmacists Association in New Orleans.

Brock was voted president-elect by the society’s delegates, who represent 102 U.S. pharmacy schools, in 2011. The position includes a three-year term on the group’s eight-member executive committee. She has been a member of the society since being inducted as an undergraduate in 1989.

The PLS mission is to recognize leaders and foster pharmacy leadership development. As president, Brock wants chapters to especially emphasize the latter.

“The recognition associated with induction in PLS should not represent the end of the leadership journey,” she says. “Deliberate practice with feedback can help those who have been identified with leadership potential optimize their leadership decisions. That might include studying leadership theory and debating these principles with others.… Sometimes people think leaders are born, but they’re definitely developed over time.”

Indeed, taking office at the New Orleans meeting, Brock gave a speech about the different types of support leaders need.

Having worked widely abroad, including in Europe and Africa, Brock also wants the U.S. society to pursue more global outreach and to examine “what are the global needs for development of leadership, particularly young leadership, in countries that may not have the human resources infrastructure that we do in the U.S.


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