Dill named for distinguished service by Biophysical Society

Ken A. Dill, PhD, UCSF School of Pharmacy faculty member, associate dean of research, and expert in protein folding has been named winner of the 2007 Distinguished Service Award by the Biophysical Society. Dill has served as president of the society from 1998 to 1999 and currently co-chairs the public affairs committee. The award recognizes Dill's contributions to the field of biophysics as well as to the society, and in particular his contributions to the Bridging the Sciences Coalition. He co-founded the coalition in 2003, which brings together science societies across the United States to speak as one voice for deeper innovation and for federally funded research that bridges the physical/computational and the biological sciences. The ultimate effect of deeper innovation at this interface, according to the coalition, will be the more effective and quantitative approaches to discovering drugs and curing diseases that transcend today's more cumbersome lab bench, disease-by-disease and molecule-by-molecule approaches.

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