Andrej Sali, PhD

Associate Dean of Research
Internal Advisory Committee Member and Professor

What I do

I am interested in the structure, function, and evolution of proteins and their assemblies. As associate dean of research, I advise the dean and School leaders on research issues and opportunities and represent the School to campus research decision makers and on research-related campus committees.

My research expertise

protein structure, protein function, macromolecular assemblies, annotating protein function


PhD, Biophysics, University of London, England, 1991
BSc, Chemistry, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1987


Dr. Andrej Sali is interested in using computation grounded in the laws of physics and the theory of evolution to study the structure and function of proteins. His lab aims to improve and apply methods for predicting the structures of proteins, determining the structures of macromolecular assemblies, and annotating the functions of proteins using their structures. This research contributes to structure-based functional annotation of proteins and thus enhances the impact of genome sequencing, structural genomics, and functional genomics on biology and medicine.