Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Alma Agorilla

Human Resources Coordinator

As the Human Resources Coordinator, I provide HR support to the department in the areas of visa processing, academic and staff appointments, advancement, recruitment/academic searches, compensation and benefits. I provide administrative assistance to faculty, staff, postdocs, and students. I am...

Kris Casler, MA

Administrative Analyst

In my role as an Administrative Officer 3, I provide primary administrative support to the Burlingame lab/Mass Spectrometry Facility. I function as the Editorial Assistant to Dr. Burlingame in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics journal. I support the Mass...

Julia Tsoi

Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, I provide post-award research administration for Drs. Arkin, Altschuler, Huang, Miller, Renslo, Sakanari, Shu, Wang and Wu, including assisting with the development of proposals and budgets, ensuring agency and campus policy compliance; handling project set-up, financial...

Matthew Denny

Purchasing Manager

I aid in acquiring goods and services for both the labs and administration in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In that role I also assist labs in receiving items they purchase. I am also responsible for the equipment inventory for the Department.

Tara Wong

Senior Financial Analyst

In my role as a finance analyst, I am the post-award analyst for Drs. Ortiz, Shoichet, Jacobson, DeGrado, Santi, Kuntz and for the graduate programs.

Yvonne Munchua

Administrative Analyst

I provide administrative support to faculty as an administrative analyst.

Rebecca Dawson

Graduate Program Coordinator

I manage the Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmacogenomics Graduate Program as well as the Complex Systems Biology training grant which supports multiple programs. I manage all aspects of the PSPG program including admissions/recruitment, funding, grants, events, curriculum, and student advising.

Nicole Flowers

Program Manager

As manager of the Biophysics Graduate Program I administer all aspects of the program including admissions & recruitment, student advising & funding, training grant and budget management, DEI initiatives, program events, curriculum, and the BBC Seminar Series.

Marissa Lee-Baird, MS

Faculty Support Analyst

I provide administrative support to Professors Altschuler, Gartner, Miller, Shoichet, Shu, Wang, Wu, and Zaro.

Update from the Dean - Spring/Summer 2014

Survey results; Strategic planning, retreat results and education; Recently received research funding (Szoka, Wells, Bandyopadhyay); Recent faculty publications (Kortemme, Renslo and Arkin, Van Osdol and Tsourounis); SB 493: Pharmacist provider status legislation; Walgreens at UCSF; Safeway...