Crystal Zhou honored with ACCP practice award

In recognition of her work implementing innovative models of pharmacy practice, faculty member Crystal Zhou, PharmD, has been awarded the Cardiology PRN Practice Award by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP).

The ACCP Cardiology Practice and Research Network (PRN) advances the pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular disorders by promoting excellence in education, research, and clinical practice.

PRNs connect focused groups of clinical pharmacists to enhance professional support and collaboration. They provide a means for clinical pharmacists with common practice and research interests to come together for professional interaction, networking, and continuing education, which Zhou credits with being an essential stepping stone for her career.

“It’s humbling to be recognized, because if I wasn’t a part of this organization, I definitely would not be where I am today,” said Zhou, an associate professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy who also practices in the Division of Cardiology. “There are so many clinically advanced pharmacists out there, and I’m just learning from them. I want to thank everyone out there that has shared their experiences, and that has pushed me to keep going."

Zhou, who teaches and directs first-year applied patient care skills courses in the PharmD program, is chair of the PRN’s research and scholarship subcommittee. Her highlights from the experience include awarding seed grants to members starting new projects, awarding researchers for outstanding papers, and being able to pair members with more senior mentors.

The PRN prepares educational sessions to be delivered each year at the ACCP Annual Meeting, where Zhou will be presented with her award this November in Dallas. The event gathers clinical pharmacy practitioners, scientists, educators, administrators, students, residents, and fellows from more than 60 countries.

“There are so many PRN-specific opportunities that allow you to learn and grow,” Zhou said. “There are emails every day on clinical topics, and I’ve been able to pick up so many recommendations and such great advice. What you put in, you get back tenfold, or twentyfold.”

Zhou also emphasized the value of the student chapter of the ACCP, which, in addition to hosting challenges and competitions, offers several webinars that focus on the different roles pharmacists can play. She encourages students to continue involvement in professional organizations such as ACCP beyond graduation, to stay engaged in the pharmacy community and to advocate for the profession at large.

“I want to thank all my many mentors that have encouraged and supported me in my clinical endeavors,” said Zhou. “I was never one to settle for an existing pharmacist position and always strived to create my own positions, to open more doors for future pharmacists."


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