TRANSPERS and UCSF Precision Medicine join forces with Access and Value Program

A new, cross-campus collaboration, the UCSF Precision Medicine Access and Value Program, intends to shepherd precision medicine advances, like those in genomic testing, into health care policy and practice.

Housed in UCSF Precision Medicine and led by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy’s Center for Translational and Policy Research on Precision Medicine (TRANSPERS), the program will bring together experts at UCSF and beyond to design and implement applications of precision medicine in the modern health care system.

“Scientists and clinicians from UCSF School of Pharmacy and UCSF Precision Medicine have partnered for years to tailor health care to individuals and populations,” said Kathryn Phillips, PhD, director of TRANSPERS and a faculty member in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. “This program ensures that the campus’s strengths in areas like oncology, pharmacogenomics, and economics can synergize in new and impactful ways to patients.”

Phillips, who is a leading expert in the use and value of medical therapies and technologies, will lead the program along with Keith Yamamoto, PhD, director of UCSF Precision Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Science Policy and Strategy. Precision Medicine is also sponsoring Phillips to represent UCSF at the National Academy of Medicine Roundtable on Genomics for the second year, a position that will enable her to apply insights from her research toward improvements in health care policy.


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