Submit proof of your COVID-19 bivalent vaccine booster or opt-out by February 1

All UCSF School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and students have until February 1, 2023, to get the bivalent booster vaccine for COVID-19 or submit an opt-out form.

The bivalent booster provides some protection against the original strains of SARS-CoV-2 as well as the omicron variant. Studies show that individuals who have received the bivalent booster have a lower risk of hospitalization, especially among those more than 65 years old.

You should submit your vaccination record, showing you have received the bivalent booster, or the opt-out form to the Occupational Health Services portal (on-campus or VPN required) or [email protected]. Check your record in HR Umbrella (on-campus or VPN required) to make sure your documents have been received.

Those who decide to opt out may be required to wear a mask in any UCSF facility or on campus as well as test frequently. Giving a reason for opting out is not required, however.

Current guidelines recommend that you wait 90 days after contracting COVID-19 to get your bivalent booster. If you have recently had COVID-19, you can submit the opt-out form now and get your booster when it is appropriate.


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