PSPG Student Tia Tummino on Colorado College COVID Panel

CC Conversation on Facing the Pandemic with Alumni

PSPG student Tia Tummino is participating on a panel at Colorado College as an alumni on the front lines of COVID research:

CC Conversation on Facing the Pandemic this Thursday, July 16

Join Associate Professor of Molecular Biology Phoebe Lostroh on Thursday, July 16, at 1 p.m.MT as she engages alumni scholars and other experts in discussing how we face the pandemic given the ever-changing nature and information about COVID-19.

The panel will include alumni at the front lines, including Margaret Liu ’77, referred to as “the mother of DNA vaccines;” Tia Tummino ’16, a PhD candidate at the University of California studying how the Coronavirus hijacks human cells; and Sonlatsa Sunshine Jim-Martin ’94, P'19, who works on the Navajo Nation’s Coronavirus emergency response team, among others.

Pre-registration to the Zoom webinar is required. You may submit your questions before the event to [email protected].



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