Thu Apr 27, 2023
PSPG and BMI graduate students will bring their scientific talents and passion for equity to Genentech during their summer internships.
Thu Apr 6, 2023
Leslie Benet, PhD, was recognized for outstanding contributions in the fields of biopharmaceuticals and pharmacokinetics.
Tue Mar 28, 2023
Women clinicians, scientists, and educators carry on a long tradition of leading the School to new heights.
Wed Mar 22, 2023
Six PharmD students traveled to Sacramento for CPhA Advocacy Day, where they met with state representatives as well as pharmacy students and pharmacists from around the state.
Mon Mar 20, 2023
UCSF researchers capture the first images of an odorant binding to an olfactory receptor.
Mon Mar 20, 2023
The California Poison Control System is hosting a series of video events to educate the public on the risks of common poisons, from over-the-counter medications to plants in your backyard.
Tue Mar 14, 2023
The Kidney Project is featured in an outlook in Nature.
Mon Feb 27, 2023
Research from QBI illuminates the interconnected nature of molecular networks.
Thu Feb 23, 2023
Funding from the Mark Foundation for Cancer Research will fuel high-risk, high-impact research on uveal melanoma.