Fri Mar 4, 2022
Newly-minted pharmacists gain specialized skills through residencies.
Thu Feb 17, 2022
Crystal Zhou, PharmD, teams up with the Cut Hypertension Program to provide medication management and COVID vaccines in Black-owned barbershops.
Tue Feb 15, 2022
School research into health, disease, and medicine earned the most NIH research dollars of any U.S. pharmacy school for the 42nd consecutive year.
Fri Jan 14, 2022
The search for the School’s next dean is ongoing.
Thu Jan 13, 2022
Gartner, Huang, Manglik, Kortemme, Savic, and Shipman honored for visionary research endeavors
Mon Jan 3, 2022
Findings from QBI point to a host of viral proteins that enable SARS-CoV-2 variants to evade the immune system.
Thu Dec 16, 2021
Study shows that monthly doses of two common anti-malarial drugs for the first few years of life can provide 95 percent protection against the disease.
Tue Dec 14, 2021
PhD students and postdoctoral researchers earn the 2022 Presidential Trainee Award
Thu Dec 9, 2021
Scientists at the UCSF Quantitative Biosciences institute developed a new approach for understanding cancer and applied it to breast cancer and cancers of the neck and head