Assessment and Evaluation Team

About the team

The Assessment and Evaluation Team is comprised of faculty members and staff members who are responsible for the visioning, development, implementation, management, and continuous quality improvement of the assessment plan and accreditation of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program.

The team is part of the Education Unit within the Dean’s Office. The associate dean and the assessment manager report to the vice dean who, in turn, reports to the dean.

Responsibilities include

Program assessment and evaluation

  • Ensuring quality and continuous improvement of the PharmD assessment plan
  • Collaboratively visioning, developing, implementing, and managing curricular assessment plans, policies, procedures, and activities
  • Managing and continuously improving the quality of assessment and evaluation processes, policies, and processes
  • Offering expertise, from an advisory role, to groups and individuals within the PharmD program, including participation with curriculum, educational policy, admissions, and academic progression committees
  • Generating statistical analyses and data reports for use in evidence-based, data-driven decision making with regards to the PharmD program and curriculum


  • Informing and advising School faculty members, staff members, and students of changes and trends related to accreditation standards for the PharmD program
  • Ensuring that monitoring and self-study reports are prepared and submitted to the accrediting body

Areas of expertise include

  • Curriculum and program assessment and evaluation
  • Curriculum and program quality improvement
  • PharmD degree program accreditation requirements

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