Yukiko Watanabe, PhD

Assessment Manager


What I do

As an Assessment Manager, I cultivate assessment and program evaluation capacity, culture, practices, and systems in SOP. Curriculum evaluation/assessment is a way to create a shared sense of what we want students to develop and achieve, collectively recognize what we are doing well, and make cyclical improvements in the ways we engage students in their learning. I'm here to collaborate with colleagues to find out what will be useful/actionable data to inform conversations and decisions to enhance the quality of education.

My research expertise

I am passionate about evaluative mindset in higher education, therefore, my research program centers around impact, practices, culture, and capacity of assessment and program evaluation in college academic programs. My research on evaluation and assessment culminated as an edited book in 2009: Toward useful program evaluation in college foreign language education” (National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawaii).

Professional background