Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Jim Wells, PhD


My research focuses on developing enabling technologies for protein engineering and drug discovery to understand biology and pave roads to therapeutics.

Brian Shoichet, PhD

Vice Dean & Professor

I co-lead the School’s plans for developing graduate education programs in the computational and experimental sciences along with Rada Savic, PhD. These programs are geared toward giving the School’s PharmD students greater career opportunities throughout biomedicine.

As a faculty member in the...

Adam Renslo, PhD


I am the School’s representative in collaborations between our academic scientists and industry, aiming to translate the most promising discoveries and technologies from our research into therapies that reach patients.

My research group is engaged at the interface of chemistry and biology. As...

Michelle Arkin, PhD

Department Chair and Professor

My research focuses on the development of drug-like molecules that alter important biological processes. These molecules will help us understand human biology and may lead to the design of new drugs. I also chair the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Details: Administration.

Xiaokun Shu, PhD


We apply laws of Physics and Chemistry to design tools for Biology, and use the novel tools to understand fascinating Biology and discover life-saving therapeutics.

Daniel Santi, MD, PhD


Since my retirement in 2000, I became CEO of Kosan Biosciences. I returned to UCSF in 2007 where I served as interim Director of the UCSF CTSI and then Director of Translational Research at QB3.

Stephen Kahl, PhD

Senate Emeritus (WOS)

Since retiring from UCSF, I continue to teach and coordinate PC 121 and PC 157. I am also still a member of several other committees.

Thomas James, PhD


I retired from full-time service at UCSF at the end of June, 2012. However, I went on Recall status a month later to do research, which diminishes each year. I needed to finish some projects that were still funded via grants during the initial year and continue with another funded project...

Matt Jacobson, PhD


Research in my lab focuses on atomic-level mechanisms of protein regulation, protein-ligand interactions, and computer-aided drug design. My approach is to employ physics-based energy models for predictive protein modeling. Projects in my lab combine algorithm development and biological...

Bo Huang, PhD


I am interested in understanding how macromolecular interactions sets up subcellular compartments that control signaling and nuclear domains that regulate gene function. For this goal, I am developing new fluorescence microscopy techniques and engineering new protein and cellular tools, so that the...