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QBI Coronavirus Research Group identifies drugs that block SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory

The QBI Coronavirus Research Group found six drugs that effectively beat back SARS-COV-2 in the laboratory.

UCSF team takes first place in national pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) competition

A team of School of Pharmacy PharmD students won 1st place in a national pharmacy and therapeutics competition.

Update from the Dean – Our COVID-19 response

As we return to campus, everyone’s well-being is our top concern. But we also need to consider the need to maintain and strengthen community.

Expanding the scope of practice: 2020 Distinguished Alumnus James E. Knoben

James Knoben, PharmD ’71, MPH, was named the 2020 UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.

James R. McNulty

Employee of Affiliated Org.

How microsporidia parasites use harpoons to invade host cells: a QBI online seminar with Gira Bhabha

The QBI Online Seminar Series is presenting Gira Bhabha, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Cell Biology at NYU Langone Health. Her lab uses a hybrid approach to study the structural mechanisms of how macromolecular protein machines are spectacularly coordinated to facilitate transport...

In clinical work and discovery science, the School takes on COVID-19

The UCSF School of Pharmacy is moving quickly against the COVID-19 pandemic, applying a scientific mindset to challenges being raised during the crisis.

Update from the Dean – Our COVID-19 response

Dean Guglielmo provides an update on School activities and a careful return to campus