James Joves, EdD, MBA

Budgets and Allocations Director
Phone: +1 415 867-9446

What I do

As the chief financial officer in the Business Operations Team in the Office of Administration I am responsible for all aspects of the School of Pharmacy's finance and administrative resources, including research administration, decision support and data analytic systems, reporting, and strategic planning. In collaboration with the associate dean of finance and administration, I direct the School's operational budget. I also manage the development and implementation of strategic and programmatic plans to support the School's initiatives and infrastructure. As a senior member of the School's management team, I collaborate with the associate deans, department chairs, and finance managers in the management of financial and administrative issues.

As the project manager for the School's integrated curriculum, I work closely with the vice dean of education and curriculum team members to develop, implement, and maintain a fully integrated, three-year, theme-based curriculum.

Professional background