How we know it’s safe to get the vaccine

Vaccines to protect against COVID-19 are being developed with unprecedented speed, but conflicting information has created some mistrust of science and medicine. To understand the safety of these new COVID-19 vaccines, UCSF Magazine talked to experts including Lisa Kroon, PharmD, who leads the School’s Department of Clinical Pharmacy.

When it comes to determining if a vaccine is safe, “I’d first look to the FDA’s rigorous evaluation process for COVID-19 vaccines,” Kroon says. “Despite the unfortunate insertion of politics into the handling of the pandemic, I turn solely to the science, which is what the FDA reviews.”

“I’ve been impressed with how the companies developing the vaccines have made their data on safety and effectiveness so readily available to the public,” she added.


How can we be sure the new COVID-19 vaccines are safe? (UCSF Magazine)

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Leading on COVID-19 vaccinations

The School of Pharmacy has been an integral part of UCSF’s efforts to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines. From inoculating patients to educating the public on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, the School is working to be part of the solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

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