Tue Sep 6, 2022
Twin events celebrate two cohorts of UCSF pharmacy students, the Classes of 2024 and 2025
Thu Aug 11, 2022
Retro-Cascorder gives scientists a window into cell behavior and identity.
Tue Aug 9, 2022
School scientists make headway against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Fri Aug 5, 2022
Wells reflects on his trailblazing career in protein engineering
Mon Jul 11, 2022
Esteemed UCSF scientist joins leading scientific research group
Tue Jul 5, 2022
New dean aims to elevate the pharmacy profession
Tue Jun 21, 2022
Pharmaceutical chemist Arkin and neurologist Grinberg discover a new protein aggregate in Alzheimer’s disease.
Tue Jun 7, 2022
Commencement ushers in a new normal for honoring the School’s graduates
Tue Jun 7, 2022
Winning PharmD student greeted with a roar of cheers at this year’s commencement