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Finding better ways to reduce serious drug side effects

Many of the medicines we depend on to treat disease—and even to save our lives—pose potentially serious risks along with their benefits. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that about 40,000 deaths yearly in the United States may be attributable to the side effects of drugs, a number that rivals the toll of traffic accidents.

Donna Dare, PharmD

Assistant Professor

As assistant dean, I work with area directors of advanced pharmacy practice programs in providing administrative support, mentoring, and instruction to students and faculty members. I am also the Director of Pharmacy Service for the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

A MedList clinic: perspectives of a pharmacist and a student pharmacist

Lisa Kroon, PharmD

Professor & Chair

I am the chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and am responsible for setting the strategic direction, priorities, and goals for the department. I continue to be involved in teaching in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum and in interprofessional education at UCSF, and I also provide clinical service.

Patrick Finley, PharmD


I am a Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and a Board Certified in Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP) with a strong interest in the pharmacological management of mood disorders, particularly in perinatal populations. I have additional expertise in the field of pharmacokinetics, particularly as it applies to potential drug interactions, and conducting epidemiological research relating to psychotropic medications. I am committed to optimizing the medical management of the mentally ill and remain actively involved with various professional organizations and the community at large to achieve this goal.

Nancy Nkansah gives key tips for preventing drug interactions on Dr. Oz

Appearing on a segment of The Dr. Oz Show, Nancy Nkansah, PharmD, gave millions of TV viewers key tips on avoiding drug interactions as well as errors in the filling of their medications.

Nkansah, a faculty member in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, UCSF School of Pharmacy, noted that:

Drugs screened for effects on key transporters, risk of dangerous interactions

To reduce the risk of toxic drug interactions, UCSF's Kathy Giacomini, PhD, and colleagues are screening thousands of prescription drugs, testing how much they inhibit key proteins in kidney and liver cells that help clear medications from the body.