Florence Marzan

Phone: +1 415 514-1142

What I do

My position as laboratory manager at the Drug Research Unit, encompasses performing and overseeing analytical quantification of drug levels by LC-tandem-MS, UPLC, and HPLC to support research protocols. I also participate in new assay development and validation, both in supporting the senior chemist in analytical work and in keeping the validation process organized and compiling final reports. I assist and oversee performing quality control checks on analytical work performed in the lab. In addition, I oversee the lab data management system used to track receipt of samples from domestic and international clinic sites and report analytical results. I am responsible for the planning, management, and development of laboratory operations, overseeing the implementation of new technologies. I am also the supervisor for personnel and responsible for human resource management for the DRU. I also serve as the liaison between a complex network of investigators, study coordinators, and laboratory personnel from multiple sites.

Professional background