PharmD Education Unit

About the unit

The PharmD Education Unit ensures the successful development, delivery, assessment, and continuous improvement of all School-specific education programs, in particular the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program.

Part of the Dean’s Office, it contains the administrative subunits tasked with delivering the PharmD degree program.


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If you are a faculty member, researcher, or staff member requesting access to our educational data, see Educational Data Request for details.

Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (CEPC)

The Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee works with, but is separate from, the Education Unit. It is a standing committee of the School of Pharmacy Faculty Council. Committee members are elected by the faculty and led by a chair. The CEPC provides oversight of the PharmD degree program and is charged with the continuous study of the long-range plans of the School as these relate to the profession of pharmacy and the PharmD program. The committee liaises with other long-range education planning bodies within the University, reviews and makes recommendations regarding the PharmD curriculum and subsidiary questions including the initiation, alteration, or discontinuance of courses of instruction. All proposed significant changes to the PharmD curriculum must be submitted to the CEPC for approval.


Co-Vice Dean of PharmD Education
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Co-Vice Dean of PharmD Education
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Associate Dean of Experiential Education and Professional Development
Vice Chair of Experiential Education
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Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Director, Education and Instructional Services
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