Obituary: Edward W. Runyon (1852–1938)

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The Hahnemannian notes with deep regret the death of a pioneer Homeopathic pharmacist—Mr. Edward W. Runyon of the firm of Boericke and Runyon, at his home in New York City on December 17th last.

Mr. Runyon was born in Chicago and as a boy of thirteen served in the Civil War as postmaster of the Ohio Volunteer Regiment of which his father Colonel Clark Runyon, was commander. When the war was over he came to New York and worked as an apprentice in a pharmacy. He was graduated from the New York College of Pharmacy in 1873.

In 1887 he went to San Francisco and established the first pharmaceutical laboratory on the Pacific Coast. Subsequently he became a Professor of Chemistry at the California College of Pharmacy, of which he later became dean. He established with Dr. William Boericke a San Francisco firm which manufactured homeopathic pharmaceuticals, with branches in other cities on the West Coast.

The business was extended to New York and Philadelphia in 1895, since which time Mr. Runyon lived here. For the last thirty years he had been president of Boericke and Runyon, Inc., manufacturing chemists, at 518 Sixth Avenue, New York.

Always active until the very last in his business yet in later years Mr. Runyon took frequent vacations traveling widely to all parts of the world. He was over 80 years old when he crossed the Andes by aeroplane.

His life is an example of energy and a balanced temperament which enabled him to get the best out of a long and fruitful career.

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