Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

QCRG AViDD Happy Hour with Ashworth and Stroud Labs

Please join us for a QCRG AViDD Happy Hour, where 2 trainees will give 5-minute flash talks featuring research from different AViDD labs! Complimentary beer, wine, and bites will be served.

The cell biology of viral infection, a QBI/GIVI Online Seminar with Jan E. Carette

The QBI & Gladstone Institute Infectious Disease and Human Health Seminar Series presents Dr. Jan E. Carette, an associate professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University, California, USA. Dr. Carette received his doctorate from Wageningen University, The...

Making sense of scents

UCSF researchers capture the first images of an odorant binding to an olfactory receptor.

Uncovering new molecular principles that govern epigenetic gene regulation, a QBI & Rezo Therapeutics Seminar with Paul Sauer

QBI and Rezo Therapeutics present Paul Sauer, an HHMI postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Eva Nogales at the University of California, Berkeley. He completed his PhD in laboratory of Dr. Daniel Panne at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Grenoble, France. Dr.

Choreographed Cellular Origami: Understanding Dynamic Protein Interactions in Health and Disease, a QBI Seminar with Lars Plate

The QBI Seminar Series presents Lars Plate, an assistant professor of chemistry and biological sciences and Cornelius Vanderbilt Dean’s Faculty Fellow at Vanderbilt University. A native of Germany, Lars Plate earned his BS at MIT working under JoAnne Stubbe. He completed his doctoral work at UC...

The Coronavirus Macrodomain: Decades of New Surprises, a QBI seminar with Anthony Fehr

QBI presents Anthony (Tony) Fehr, an Assistant Professor of Molecular Bioscience at the University of Kansas. Dr. Fehr graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At Nebraska, he was introduced to viruses in the Van Etten Lab where he explored the production of...

QCRG AViDD Happy Hour with Fraser and Krogan Labs

Please join us for a QCRG AViDD Happy Hour. Two trainees will give five-minute flash talks featuring research from different AViDD labs! Complimentary beer, wine, and bites will be served.

The evening will include flash talks by:

Lena Bergmann (Fraser Lab)
Jack Moen (Krogan Lab)

Manglik, Arkin, Bastian receive Mark Foundation ASPIRE Award for moonshot cancer research

Funding from the Mark Foundation for Cancer Research will fuel high-risk, high-impact research on uveal melanoma.

UCSF School of Pharmacy leads in NIH funding for the 43rd straight year

School research into health, disease, and medicine earned the most NIH research dollars of any U.S. pharmacy school for the 43rd consecutive year.

Closing the equity gap in science

The UCSF Bay Area Youth Science (BAYS) program prepares high school students from historically excluded backgrounds for STEM careers.