Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

QBI Coronavirus Research Group races toward a cure

The UCSF Quantitative Biosciences Institute has made headway identifying dozens of potential therapies for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Update from the Dean: How COVID-19 is affecting us and where to find updates

Our COVID-19 response: How COVID-19 is affecting us and where to find updates.

Hunting for a cure for COVID-19: an insider’s story

The chief operating officer of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) shares a view of the team's work on COVID-19.

2020 Mary Anne Koda-Kimble Seed Award for Innovation fuels vital research across the School

The award funds the boldest, riskiest, and most blue-sky ideas.

School’s PharmD program rises to second place in national rankings

The new ranking comes on the heels of the School's recent update to its PharmD curriculum.

Thriving under stress: a QBI seminar with Kathleen Boris-Lawrie

Nuclear proteins activate mTOR-resistant translation of select HIV-1 and host mRNAs

21st Annual Spring Research Seminar

In the annual Spring Research Seminar, current scientific posters created by School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, fellows, residents, and students are presented. During the seminar, the creators of three posters are selected to receive the Gary Rifkind Award, each of which includes a prize of $1,000...

Sample medications and detailing visits add to costs, Guglielmo argues

Free samples of medications and “detailing visits” are costly, B. Joseph Guglielmo argues in JAMA.

FDA, academia, and industry join forces to shepherd new therapies to patients

UCSF-Stanford CERSI brings together scientists, industry, and government regulators to get new therapies to patients sooner.

Modulation of innate immunity by arboviruses; beyond the STING: a QBI seminar with Ana Sesma

The QBI Seminar Series presents Ana Sesma, PhD, professor with tenure in the Department of Microbiology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is interested on the modulation of innate immunity by viruses of human health interests, such as dengue, influenza, human immunodeficiency virus...