Tagged: Organic Anion Transporters

Bani Tamraz, PharmD, PhD

Associate Professor

My primary interest is identification of genetic determinants of drug response through modern methods aimed at addressing pharmacogenomics research and translating that information into new diagnostics and treatment strategies at point-of-care.

Deanna Kroetz, PhD

Department Chair & Professor

Our lab seeks to understand the molecular basis of interindividual variation in drug response and toxicity. We investigate genetic differences in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and other cancer drug phenotypes and search for new therapeutic approaches targeting ABC transporters.

Kathy Giacomini, PhD

CERSI Co-Director & Professor

My research focuses on membrane transporters, which are of great physiologic and pharmacologic importance. I am particularly interested in genetic variants in membrane transporters that are determinants of drug response or causal for human disease and in harnessing transporters to enhance drug...