Tagged: Hypoglycemic Agents

Lisa Kroon, PharmD

Department Chair and Professor

I am the Chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and am responsible for setting the strategic direction, priorities, and goals for the department. Since 2020, I am the Assistant Chief Pharmacy Officer for Research, Education, and Clinical Services for the UCSF Health Pharmacy Enterprise. I...

Nancy Sambol, PharmD

BTS PharmD Acad Coordinator

I focus on the use of models to describe drug disposition and effect in patient populations, and the use of these models to make predictions to improve drug therapy.

Kathy Giacomini, PhD

CERSI Co-Director & Professor

My research focuses on membrane transporters, which are of great importance to drug disposition and response. I am particularly interested in genetic variants in membrane transporters that are determinants of drug response and in harnessing transporters to enhance drug targeting.