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Microscopy illuminates life

Even with the best of microscopes, it's still a challenge to visualize the "inner life" of the cell.

Cell-folding research opens door to building with biology

Researchers were able to coax layers of cells to form shapes not found in nature, such as cubes.

Grants & fellowships: fall 2017

Pharmaceutical Chemistry department members have received the following grants and fellowships between October and December 2017:

12/4/2017: The National Institutes of Health awarded Adam Renslo a grant for his project entitled "Biophysical Fragment Screening and Structure Determination for Class...

Faculty member Walter wins $3M Breakthrough Prize

Peter Walter, PhD, professor of biochemistry and biophysics at UC San Francisco, has been named winner of a 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, for his research on a biological mechanism that normally protects cells, but can cause disease if not functioning properly.

Biotech gets the luxury nod with Bolt Threads and Stella McCartney tie-up

British fashion designer Stella McCartney, long known for her focus on sustainability, is teaming up with San Francisco-based Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company—cofounded by UCSF synthetic biology graduate Dan Widmaier—dedicated to creating the next generation of advanced materials.

Study shows sugar industry buried evidence of health risks

“UCSF has put its stake in the ground on exposing industry manipulation of science.”